Welcome to Denturist Practice van Beek. Kanaalstraat 187a, 2161 JH Lisse, telephone 0252 425 850

Denturist Practice "van Beek"

Our practice has been located in the heart of the Bulb District for more than 12 and a half years; you can call on us for everything regarding your dentures. Service is our main priority. We offer our advice without obligation and we offer complimentary cleaning of your prosthesis. We have everything under one roof; we specialize in the manufacture, modification and repair of dentures. We will take care of all the administrative matters regarding your prosthesis because we have contracts with the vast majority of insurance companies. That is one less worry for you! Additionally, we are affiliated with reputable dentists and implantologists in Lisse, Heemstede, Noordwijk and Haarlem who can care for the teeth of some of our patients or place an implant for click-in dentures. Our wheelchair accessible practice is easy to reach from surrounding municipalities such as Abbenes, Hillegom, Sassenheim, Lisserbroek, etc. Parking is not a problem.


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Fees and Reimbursements.

Fees and Reimbursements

Full dentures

These are necessary when you no longer have your own teeth. Your basic insurance will reimburse you 75% of the cost of a full set of dentures. Your contribution is 25% of the cost. If you have supplementary insurance you will also get a full or partial reimbursement of your own contribution. Your basic insurance will reimburse you €125 per jaw in the case of a click-in denture.



Repairs to and the relining of a prosthesis that is made for a toothless jaw will be fully reimbursed by your health insurance. The reimbursement for relining partial dentures or a frame prosthesis is the responsibility of the supplementary insurance provider. When in doubt, please contact your health care provider.


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The dental implant

Denturist Practice van Beek is the address for implanted dentures.

The dental implant: the difference between removable and fixed dentures

Implanted dentures

Denturist Practice van Beek is the address for implanted dentures. Rik van Beek has more than 30 years professional experience and is skilled in the application of all implant systems currently on the market. You will be in expert hands whether you are being fitted for your first prosthetic implant or for a replacement implant. The longer that a person goes without his/her own teeth the more their jaws will shrink. The lower jaw is particularly susceptible to shrinkage and a lower prosthesis often loosens because of this. Implants can be inserted in order to provide an anchor for a new prosthesis. Additionally, an implant will counter further shrinkage of the jaw. An implant is an artificial root made of titanium, a body-friendly metal which fuses with the jawbone. Two implants are normally placed in the lower jaw during a procedure that takes about 45 minutes.


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Mission and vision

Our mission and vision provide an insight into what our practice can do for our patients.

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision provide an insight into what our practice can do for our patients. We are an ambitious dental prosthetics practice and we aim to provide the best personal care and highest quality removable dental prostheses. We provide high-quality dentures with a focus on aesthetics, quality and durability. To achieve this, we call upon our expertise and listen closely to the wishes and needs of the patient. Our practice has a policy whereby the patient is treated professionally as an equal; we take as much time as the patient needs. We want the patient to have a positive experience and be very satisfied with his or her dental prosthesis; that is the goal of our practice.


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